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Bring the Wood

LISD Chronicles: Who Brought the Wood?

LISD Chronicles: Who Brought the Wood?

Football players are encouraged to "Bring the Wood" (abbreviated BTW) by their coaches and a large plank of wood can be seen at football games with the phrase inscribed on its side. The popular slogan has earned Hebron's stadium the nickname "The Woodshed".
The inspiration for Hebron football’s motto of “Bring the Wood” occurred in the year 2000, with the freshman class. The Varsity Team was struggling with a winless season and the 9th grade A Team was experiencing success.  During a lull in the 9th grade season, Coach Sam Harrison challenged the A Team to play with a passion and told them they needed to: “Bring the Wood”.  Two players, Charles Hasley and Brandon McCain took what he said to heart and brought back a fence picket, painted with that very slogan: “Bring the Wood”. It caught on. They brought the picket to every game and worked and played by that motto. For them, it meant to play tough and hard and to ensure that any team that played them would know and never forget how tough and determined the Hebron Hawks were! That season, they were the 2000 District 9-4A co-champions with Denton Ryan.  At the beginning of the 2001 season, Coach Brazil had his varsity players embrace and adopt the “Bring the Wood” slogan and carry on that mentality wherever they played.  This attitude was the catalyst that helped the Hebron Hawks to become a respected football program.  Every player who has played at Hebron knows the importance of Bringing The Wood.  The idea of “Bring The Wood” is the common thread that unites all of the Hebron Football Players who have worn the Royal, Black, and Silver and displayed the Super H on the side of their helmet.  This Brotherhood is strong and real

Coach Raymond T. Williams, Jr. CFCS

Varsity Linebackers and Recruiting Coordinator