To All Hebron Football Booster Club Members

January 26, 2019

To All Hebron Football Booster Club Members,

Thank you all for a wonderful 2018 season.  It was a great year that closed this past week with the Varsity banquet.  But amazingly, we are already moving quickly into the 2019 season.  I am a big baseball fan and ready for spring training—but just so members understand, we have already completed some tasks to prepare for our SPRING FOOTBALL GAME in May!  Booster Club work is a yearlong commitment!!


We do rely on social media and our website to communicate a great deal of information.  However, we are all aware of some challenges with those media avenues. I wanted to write out a few things for all of members because the next two booster meetings (February and March) are very important meetings for the entire 2019 season.  Having participated in the club for the last 3 years, I know there are always some questions about the things that must get accomplished at these meetings.  Please take a few minutes and read through.


Anyone is free to contact me through with any questions or concerns about the items below or anything related to Hebron Football Booster Club.


  1. Booster Club Budget- At the February meeting the entire membership will be voting on the 2019 proposed budget. Board members, led by Sue Waida and Dena Moreland, have made a strong effort to improve the budget process while accounting for greater transparency and accountability.  The board will present a proposed budget to the membership, and we will vote to approve.  The budget can be amended during the season.  The budget year runs May 1 to April 30.  Because of the timing of the spring fundraiser and wrapping up the books, we vote in February to be ready for May 1. Members are free to ask questions about the proposed budget at this meeting.


  1. Announcement and nominations for open Board and Chair positions. All Board positions (President, Vice Presidents (2), Secretary, Treasurer and Treasurer 2 are 2-year terms).  This year the Secretary, Treasurer, and Treasurer 2 positions are open for nominations.  The Board utilizes a nomination committee to seek candidates into all Board roles as they can be time consuming and we need 2 years.  The membership elects a nominee for these roles.  Nominations are made at the February meeting for Board and Chair positions and the general membership will vote at the March meeting for Board and we will announce Chairs.


The Chair roles (there are a lot but things like Social Media, Liaisons, Communications, Membership, etc) are 1-year terms and they are appointed, NOT voted by the general membership.  Essentially ALL Chair positions are open.  All positions begin April 1, 2019.


Please note—The Club does utilize a “shadow” process as well that allows interested members the chance to work with anyone in a role to gauge their interest.  I know we have people who have been serving in a variety of Chair roles and are interested in continuing, but I know we still need as many people participating and helping as we can get. However, this is an open process, and anyone can express their interest in any role.  But I do want to be clear that for the CHAIR positions, the Board decides those roles based on interest and informal vetting process.


As for the Board roles, I am aware that the Nominating Committee has recommendations prepared for Secretary and Treasurer.  But importantly, this does NOT preclude people from expressing their interest or offering nominations.  Again, this is an open process, and roles will be filled by nominations and the voting process.


We are also very interested in finding people to “shadow” our 2 Vice Presidents.  You can shadow and simultaneously serve in Chair role.  Karen Enderlin and Kim Estrada have really made some amazing improvements in our processes under the VPs to hand off to the next people.  Additionally, we have acquired what we hope to be a couple major long-term sponsors, as well as re-establishing relationships with sponsors at all levels.  This will make next years incoming VP’s duties much more manageable.


It is important that all members strive to meet the goals of our organization.  First, this requires your participation.  We are always short in our goals of having all roles filled and adequate volunteers at our events, especially on Friday nights.  Just like we tell our sons about football, you get out what you put in—I encourage all members to demonstrate that commitment in any way we are able as parents.


I would like to thank all members for the opportunity to serve as President.  It has been fantastic, and I have met a lot of great people from the incredible Hebron community.  And, yes, although baseball is essentially here, the banquet this past week has me excited for an incredible 2019 Hebron Football season!!



Andy Maher

Hebron Football Booster Club President