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The Woodshed Crew (2021)

The Woodshed Crew is a group of dedicated Hebron fans who love following and supporting the football teams of Hebron High School. The Woodshed Crew consists mostly of dads who has a son, or sons who are currently a member of the varsity football team. However, we had moms involved too.  The Woodshed Crew also consist of parents who have boys that play on the either freshman, JV or middle school teams.   There are several dedicated parents on our team that have continued to be part of the “Crew” even though their child graduated years ago or have left the program. These “Silver Hawks” are a big part of Hebron’s family, tradition and values and we could not manage without their guidance, insight and leadership skills.


The Woodshed Crew Responsibilities

The main responsibility of The Woodshed Crew for both home and away games is an easy and enjoyable task, however it takes teamwork and cooperation.  The Woodshed Crew sets up both the Super H and Tunnel inflatables before each half begins, manages them when they are inflated and takes them down after the team runs through them just prior the 1st and 2nd half beginning.  After the team runs through prior to the 2nd half beginning the equipment is immediately moved to the storage room at home games or placed in truck to be transported back to the fieldhouse for away games. There is no special training required to be a member of The Woodshed Crew, just have a smile and be prepared to have a good time before, during and after the game.

We understand not everyone has time for 10 games and playoffs if we make the playoffs. Being at Hawk Stadium early to set up for a home game and not to mention traveling to away game on Friday night can be challenging at best. However, if your schedule only allows being at home games or only attending a few home games or cannot make it to the game until later in the evening we would still love you to be part of the team. Whatever your schedule and time constraints are, we will work with you if you want to be part of The Woodshed Crew.


If interested please contact Steve Tennenbaum at steve.tennenbaum@verizon.net

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