Team Snap and Communications  (2022)


Booster Club communicates to the parents through a variety of avenues.  Our web site, twitter and facebook are a great source of information.  Team Snap is our primary platform we use to inform parents of all the activities of the Booster Club. Once you join the Hebron Football Booster Club we will create a Team Snap account. There is no charge for a Team Snap account. If you are not a member please sign up.

Click on the image below or click here here to download the free Team Snap App so you can begin receiving messages, alerts and emails to your phone from the Booster Club.

TeamSnap is a unique way to manage sports team on the web or our mobile apps. Anyone who has managed or played on a sports team knows how hard it can be to keep track of all the members, events, and payments. TeamSnap takes the headache out of organizing by making it simple to manage your team or group.

You can use TeamSnap from a web browser on a computer, or with one of your mobile apps for iOS or Android.

If you need to update your account click here.