Sports Medicine Fundraiser – March 30th

March is National Athletic Trainer Month, and as a way for everyone to support our student athletic training program we are asking that everyone assist our student trainers with a fundraiser.  On Wednesday March 30 we are having In-N-Out burger come to school from 4:30-6:30 selling meals to support our program.  Our student athletic trainers are selling tickets now for $5.00 that will give everyone, that purchases a ticket, a burger, chips, and a drink.  In-N-out does not get any profit from the sale, the proceeds will be split between our Hebron Sports Medicine program and the In-N-Out Foundation, which provides donations to child abuse organizations.

We are asking that all coaches support our student athletic trainers by not only purchasing tickets, but also encourage your teams about the opportunity for our athletes and families support the student athletic trainers that assist them during the year.  Tickets must be purchased before the date, so everyone needs to buy tickets now so that In-N-Out knows how much food to bring.  Also lets us know if some of our students can come talk to your athletes about this, so that they know about this chance to support these students.  This is an easy and cheap meal for your whole family on a busy night, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Come support our Sports Trainers…!