KO Photos

Initially all the football game photo galleries expired on 12-31-2018. I re-activated all of the galleries 10 days later but, with all the new games I’m continue to add to the site, my web server is almost full. I am currently working on a remedy but, until then I will have to remove all of the sub-varsity games from the site. I’m hoping I can keep them on until February the 15th so if anyone has interest in purchasing game action photos this is a good time to do it.
We’re still offering the digital packages.
10-50 full res images for $100.00
51-100 full res images for $125.00
Must be of you athlete only (or in the focused action of the image).
If you already purchased the digital package and have not received all of your images, please let me know ASAP so I can get them uploaded for you.
Any images saved in favorites will be gone once I remove the gallery.
Thank you all