Fundraiser: Instructions for Super Fan Program

Memo to Players & Parents

As we prepare for our upcoming season, one of the most important things we will do is raise money for our program. With state and district budget cuts, it is more necessary than ever for us to raise the money needed to fund equipment, uniforms and other critical things.

In a few days, we will execute one of our key projects, the Super Fan List blitz. It will only take our members one hour to perform this fundraiser, but it has the potential for us to do very well. Members will invite their support circle to be their “Fan” on their online profile page in exchange for a donation to our program. Donors can leave a message of support on the members profile page.  See FAQ on the back.

This is a 40 minute live event where potential fans are contacted by our entire team.  The results are tremendous.  We will average over $300 per player in pledges from our fans. Fans enjoy giving and talking live to our players.  We compete as teams and the kids enjoy it.  Best part is we raise tens of thousands of dollars in less than 40 minutes.  No volunteers, long hours, or product to distribute.  Just a good cause and some great fans coming together to help us be our best.

Please note that the names you add to your account WILL NOT be sold or given to any other person or party, nor will they be used for any other purpose but this project.   Thank you for your participation and assistance.  If you have any problems logging into your player account please email for assistance.

My expectations and the deadline for the assignment are listed below.

Your Goal:  minimum of 15 adult fans.  Parents, Grandparents, Church, Aunts, Uncles, neighbors, all your potential fans anywhere in the USA!

Your Deadline:  Aug 10th


Follow these Instructions:


  1. on desktop NOT mobile, and click “Sign In” in the upper right corner
  2. Use the following credentials to login to your account:
    1. Username= firstnamelastname as listed in the roster (no spaces, so Stacy Brown is stacybrown)
    2. Password= firstinitiallastname (no spaces, so sbrown).
    3. click blue “login” button when complete
  3. Click “SFL Menu” in upper right corner

3a.  if do not see sfl menu then check spelling in the “roster” menu to see how your name is listed…stacey vs stacy

  1. Enter the player’s email address and one parent’s email address, then save
  2. Click “Add New Contact” and begin entering the information
  3. When complete your 15 contacts select “pledge contacts” and then select gray button “download printable report for blitz night”
  4. Print excel report and turn into your assigned coach by your deadline date


  1. Why are we doing this?

We have to do fundraising every year to help our program acquire the things we need to be successful. The money raised will go directly to our program.

  1. What are our goals?

We need each player to enter 15 names of adults that follow them. These can be relatives or friends, and they can live near or far. If we achieve this, then we expect to exceed 7 pledges per player. This will result in almost $300 pledged per player.

  1. How does this work?

Immediately after the event, pledge results will be entered into the system, causing those who have pledged to receive an email and text with instructions on processing their donation and entering in their message. To see the results of these messages after our telethon, go to and use your credentials to see pledge and donation results as well as messages.

  1. How do people pay, and how long do they have?

Our preference is for people to pay online with their credit card. The transactions are protected by credit card and PayPal.  Alternatively, instructions will be provided for those who wish to pay by check.

  1. Will the contact information be used for any other purpose?

Absolutely not. We will not share or sell the contact information to any party.

  1. Can I simply write you a check for $400 so my child does not have to participate?

While you can certainly do this if you choose, please understand that part of the intent here is to build team camaraderie. By working together on a common goal, we grow as a team. I would like everyone to be at the event and encourage their teammates.


Thank you.