Hebron HS Football & Arbor Creek MS Night

Hebron Hawks vs Lewisville


Oct. 28th, 7:30 PM @Hebron Hawk Stadium.


Celebrating Arbor Creek MS Night! 5th grader from Hicks, Indian Creek, and Homestead get in free and get to welcome the football players onto the field.


Friday night is a BIG Night for our Hicks, Indian Creek, and Homestead 5th Graders who will get into the game for free, run through the Super H/Tunnel, AND line up with the Silver Wings welcome our players onto the field!  Please have your students dress in Black, White or Blue!  Students need to arrive to Hebron HS Stadium between 6:30-6:45 PM at the gate entrance to the field, home side.  Parents and sibling will need to purchase a football ticket to enter the stadium.  Cowbells will be given to our 5th graders so that they will lead the charge to be LOUD & PROUD Friday Night!  After they welcome players onto the field 5th grade students will be able to enjoy the game.  Students will be taken back to the north field gate to meet up with their parents.