Football Update / Track & Powerlifting Schedule



Starting January 18th, all football players will be enrolled in the 1st period football class for the new semester. This is a change from our 3rd/4th period format. In addition, we will start track and powerlifting practice before school. The weekly start times are the following:


Weekly Start Times

Monday –         7:00am

Tuesday –        8:00am

Wednesday – 7:00am

Thursday –       8:00am

Friday –             7:30am


*There are two 4-day weeks in this timeframe. On these short weeks, we will have a 7:00am track/powerlifting practice on Tuesday, and the rest of the week will be the same as normal.

Monday, Jan 18th – No School – Tuesday, Jan 19th will follow a Monday schedule.

Monday, Feb 15th – No School – Tuesday, Feb 16th will follow a Monday schedule.


Track and powerlifting practice is not mandatory for football players. However, we strongly encourage participation amongst our football players, since many will have the ability to compete at a high level. Regardless, track and powerlifting participation will allow you son to develop into a better athlete, and, therefore, better football player.



With the new 1st period football schedule and start of track/powerlifting, it is important that the athletes bring warm clothing, such as long sleeves, leggings, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and gloves. They must be one of our school colors – black, silver, and blue – white and grey will work as well.


It is very important that our football players take care of their bodies before and after workouts in the morning. We would recommend something small in the morning beforehand (such as a banana or protein bar), and a high-calorie protein shake at the end of the workout. We will be giving more recommendations to our football players in class. The athletes will also be able to purchase breakfast off of their lunch account in the cafeteria after the conclusion of the workout.


Thank you for all you do in supporting your son and our football program. We look forward to another great semester.


Coach Wurzbach, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator/Track/Powerlifting (214) 226-3710