District 5-6A Hebron All District Football Selections

Congratulations to all!!

**Unanimous Selections

MVP-Clayton Tune-Quarterback-Senior**

Defensive Newcomer of the Year-Darius Snow-Safety-Sophomore**

Offensive Newcomer of the Year-Jaylon Lott-Running Back-Sophomore

For the entire list of 5-6A All-District Honorees click here.

First Team:
Jack Bedell-Center-Senior
Braeden Daniels-Offensive Line-Senior**
Jeremy Thompson-Offensive Line-Senior
Jatyn Taylor-Running Back-Senior
Trejan Bridges-Wide Receiver-Junior**
Jaren Mitchell-Wide Receiver-Senior**
Deandre Warren-Wide Receiver-Senior

Second Team:
Jack Genard-Offensive Line-Senior
David Leonty-Wide Receiver-Senior
Grant Paulette-Kicker-Junior

Honorable Mention:
Blake German-Offensvie Line-Senior
Garrett Yauch-Tight End-Senior

First Team:
Carlos Hatcher-Defensive Line-Senior
Paul Akere-Defensive End-Senior**
Collin Lundgren-Outside Linebacker-Senior
Mario Montez-Safety-Senior
Verone McKinley III-Cornerback-Senior**
Grant Paulette-Punter-Junior

Second Team:
Clark Whitaker-Inside Linebacker-Senior
Chris Crawley-Outside Linebacker-Senior
Joseph Angelone-Cornerback-Senior

Honorable Mention:
Cole Phillips-Defensive End-Junior
Colby Newton-Inside Linebacker-Junior